My name is Lucy,

I capture people & products with a good vibe, to create your visuals for a powerful online presence!

I would subscribe myself as a free spirit with positive attitude and a gentle, cheerful character.

By nature my creative radars are always tuned in, especially when it comes to my passion; photo- & videography,

-looking trough the viewfinder of my parents’ photo camera, pretending I was a photographer-

This is one of my earliest memories as a kid, I’ve had a love for visual creating since I remember. I was immediately fascinated by the possibility of composing an image in-between the viewfinder.

During my studies of Media & Entertainment Management, my interest was more dragged into videography. What I’ve always loved the most about filming and photographing is to make the subject pop from the screen, in a way that could only be translated trough the lens.

After working in video production in Holland for a number of years, I wanted to live abroad for a while and went to Mallorca. Of course I didn’t leave my love for visual creating behind. I started photographing & filming the beautiful scenery of Mallorca, people, food/drinks and cosmetics. Culminating in four of my photos being selected for the exhibition of the IV edition of the photo contest of the cultural-historical center La Vila de Santanyi.

Currently I’m back in Holland to create from here. I’m still regularly to b found on sunny destinations for shoots! If you have any photo-or video needs, please check out my services to see how I can help.

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