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Contacted Lucy because I needed a professional, experienced photographer to photograph certain cocktails from the drinks menu and capture the atmosphere within the bar without disrupting anything. Lucy conducted herself perfectly taking into account customers that were there to enjoy themselves as well as getting the job at hand done. Most importantly the photos were perfect, exactly what was wanted. Overall a professional and fantastic photographer. Highly recommended!

-The Quarterdeck-


I have the most amazing videoclip of my surprise birthday!! The most beautiful gift! She is sooo talented! I would recommend her a 100%! If you have anything you like to have a great memory of, anything that’s important for you, make sure she is there! And make it more unforgettable!!

-Chantal Kievit-


Lucy is a dream to work with. She knows exactly what she is doing, gets the job done, and making me feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. Highly recommend! 

-Kimberley Verhoeven-


Went out on a fishing trip with a friend on the island of Mallorca and wanted some pictures to remember our day. Lucy came out with us (something I wouldn’t normally do but well worth it) and got some amazing shots, was blown away by the professionalism of all the pictures (even if we didn’t manage to catch anything). Thanks Lucy, will definitely be in touch again for my next adventure!!

-Jed Coates-


Excellent photographer!

-Betina Rodriquez-


Masterpiece of a video which conveys the message perfectly!

-Glam Skin Enschede-


Lovely photo’s, making me somewhat photogenic, that takes talent. Would definitely recommend for any type of shoot, easy and fun to work with.



For my 50th birthday, I received a fantastic present, a video with online congratulations from family and friends. Lucy did a fantastic job of editing all the messages and turning them into this beautiful gift. She took care of all the details, it was the best present I could wish for.


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