5 tips for better product photos in your webshop

Do you know that moment when you walk into a store and the seller keeps on talking about the products, while all you wanna do is just to look for yourself first?!

This is also the case online: although an attractive website text and product information are super important, visitors are first engaged by visual elements.

What you see is what you get

Online shopping has become a fully integrated aspect in our daily lives. Now more than ever people are buying online. Besides all the advantages like shopping from the comfort of your own couch, online discounts and acces to the world wide stock, it can also be challenging and overwhelming. I think as consumers we can all agree on that the biggest disadvantage of online shopping is that you cannot directly see and feel the products you’re buying in real life. 

Just like as in the store you wanna see what you’re buying. In the online world, visuals are the only way to show a consumer what to expect when they will receive the product at home. With the right photo’s you make sure that the received products are in line with the expectations.

This is why the visual aspect in your webshop is so important. It’s through visuals where you have the chance to make your costumers engage with the products.

The benefits of good quality product photo’s

Transparency and trust
Good quality product photo’s create transparency and build trust. Especially online these are super important factors which will make consumers to decide to buy from you or not.

Time saver
Not only will good product photo’s create transparency and trust, they also fulfill the consumers need to save time. The decision to buy is easier when you can properly see what a product looks like.

The ‘wow’ factor
Creative images contribute to the feeling you get about a product. An original image has the power to stay on your mind and so does the product.

5 tips for better product photo’s

So what to keep in mind for good product photo’s in your webshop. 

  1. Close up
    Give potential buyers a glance up close with shots from certain details to give an idea of what the product will look and feel like.
  2. Variation
    Make sure you give the consumer an over all idea of the product. Besides one photo of the entire product, show the product from at least two different angles.
  3. Tell a story
    Choose an environment that amplifies the features of the product. What you want is to let the potential buyer to get feeling with the product. A way to do this is to place the product in a setting that together with the product tells a story. For example you could photograph a sunscreen in a studio setting, but why not take it outside into the sun to instantly create that summer feeling!
  4. Use props
    Make your pictures original by using props like flowers or eye-catching accessories that make the pictures look more interesting.
  5. Demonstrate
    Give an even better idea of the product by showing photo’s that demonstrate on how to use a product.

The fun is to play around with these tips, some of them can either be combined in one photo or you can apply them all separately over a series of photo’s. 

Do you have an online shop or do you like to shop online, what’s your experience and have you seen anything that could also be a valuable tip? Please let me know in the comment section down below.  

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