My name is Lucy,

My mission is to Capture passion & creativity!

I Bring product owners' stories to life with unique visuals for a powerful online presence!

I would subscribe myself as a free spirit with positive attitude and a gentle, cheerful character.

By nature my creative radars are always tuned in, especially when it comes to my passion; photo- & videography,

-looking trough the viewfinder of my parents' photo camera, pretending I was a photographer-

This is one of my earliest memories as a kid, I've had a love for visual creating since I remember. I was immediately fascinated by the possibility of composing an image in-between the viewfinder.

What I’ve always loved the most about filming and photographing is to make the subject pop from the screen, in a way that could only be translated trough the lens.

After working in video production in Holland for a number of years, I wanted to live abroad for a while and went to Mallorca. Of course I didn't leave my love for visual creating behind. I started photographing & filming the beautiful scenery of Mallorca, people, food/drinks and cosmetics. Culminating in four of my photos being selected for the exhibition of the IV edition of the photo contest of the cultural-historical center La Vila de Santanyi.

Currently I'm back in Holland to create from here. I'm still regularly to be found on sunny destinations for shoots!

Join me in the creative exploration & power of imagery✨ let all your visual content needs become reality, with a powerful combination of photo, video & stop motion.

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