To create suitable shots for your videoclip, we start with an (online) brainstorm session where we'll define the purpose and vibe of the shoot.

I'll translate this conversation into a script/shot list, that will be the guideline during the shooting day.

After the shoot I will edit the recordings into a cool video clip! The editing time may vary per project.

The end result is a cool video clip to use on your website & social media. I deliver the video in several formats that fit each platform: widescreen, square & vertical. Depending on your wishes for the project it can be one longer video or several short clips.

The investment of a video shoot differs because every project is unique. Are you interested in a video shoot for your business? Hit the button down below to get in touch!


Brainstorm session


Shoot on location

Video edit in 3 formats


Do you wish to have a cool video edit of existing footage like photographs or a combination of photo & video?

No problem, send me your footage and I make it move!

For edits with existing material I charge an hourly rate of €65,- (excl. VAT)

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