5 reasons why video content is key in 2021

Chances are you’ve heard a lot lately about the importance of using video for your business on social media. It’s getting more important, especially now a lot of us are doing everything from home. Without a doubt video is super popular amongst social media users, but why is that and why would it be interesting for you to start using video for your business?

1. Video creates engagement

If one picture can tell a thousand words, a video could at least a million. People are drawn to a good story and video has that power. A good video, no matter how short, should therefore always contain a clear intro, middle and end. Visuals are stored in our long-term memory, which is why a video for your company is likely to stay in the viewer’s mind.

2. Video has a longer online life

Video not only sticks to your mind, it is also more likely to stick around longer on the social media platforms. They will keep showing up in the ‘for you’ discover pages for weeks or even months. This again has all to do with the engagement it generates. Because video usually encourages more interactions and shares, it will be out there in the online ecosystem for much longer.

3. Video feeds the algorithm

Video is a great tool to hook your audience, it has the power to drag the viewers attention in the first few seconds. The aim of the social media platforms is for people to spend as much time on the platform as possible. Because video is likely to capture the viewers attention longer, this content will be shown to a wider audience, which means more exposure for your business. A video does not always have to consist of an entire production; for example, stop motion videos and photo animations are also recognized by the platforms as video content.

4. Video connects

Video is the way to humanize your business and build a deeper, more emotional connection with your (potential) clients. A video can be much more relatable and therefore persuasive. In combination with good storytelling and the right use of music, video content can stimulate different kinds of emotions that the written word can’t.

5. Video is a powerful sales tool

As I mentioned before in my previous blog post ‘5 tips for better product photos in your webshop’, people are more likely to buy something when they can see what they will get. If great product photos can show off a product and tell a story, just imagine how endless the options are with a product video. For example, video is the best way to demonstrate how to use a product.

Given the above, it definitively is worth investing in video content. One video can have multiple purposes and be used across different platforms, from social media to your website/webshop. Now’s the time to experiment with some video for your business. 

Are you already using video content or are you planning to start? Let me know your thoughts about this topic in the comments down below. 

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